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Any brand of candy, any type of nuts or seeds, and great selection of sodas.

We Make it Easy to be Like a Kid in a Candy Store

At The Candy Shoppe Chino our intention is to bring all of our customers back to that time in their lives when getting lost in a Candy Store was a dream comes true. With our incredible selection of chocolates, hard candies, bulk candy, Nuts and more. The Candy Shoppe

Celebrate in a big way with our giant pinatas! Boys and girls birthday giant pinatas hold up to 10 lbs of treats and favors, including our Pinata mix. Our Candy Store its growing exponentially, thanks to thousands of satisfied candy lovers, retailers, and event planners around the city who are spreading the word about where to find the broadest and best candy selection by color, brand, type, and occasion. If you've ever stepped inside a corner Candy Store, you know it's one of the coolest, most magical places on the planet.

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